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Cindy - Cindy (Cindy), whose real name is Shen Haixin, was born in Taiwan in 1986. He is currently a well-known artist in Taiwan and is known as Xiao Zengqi. After Tao Jingying hosted the "University College Student" as a guest and then debuted, following the "Dragon" Hong Kong clothing tender model Zhou Xiu Na, Taiwan Yiji.com specially invited her to serve the "Dragon" endorsement, and the "Dragon" eight major clan among the beautiful The goddess of the ages has appeared in a sculpt, shooting a series of posters. In 2013, Cindy flashed marriage into the giants. On May 30th, 2013, Hu Xia's new album titled "The Fool Tango" invited Cindy to act as the MV actress. Cindy's first public event broke the pregnancy rumor.

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