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Mitsukino Hoshina - Mitsukino Hoshina (Mitsukino Hoshina), a native of Saitama Prefecture, is currently a portrait of a new generation of Japanese actress and actress. Mitsukino Hoshina is a mixed-race beauty, her mother is Chinese, her father is Japanese, and she is a younger sister. In the fall of 2011, Mitsukino Hoshina was discovered in Harajuku's Takeshita and joined the variety industry. In February 2012, a photo session was held. Although there are many Japanese photo actresses, and they are all professionalized from a very young age, it is not uncommon to have a photo work in their 10s, but Mitsukino Hoshina relies on the devil's body of his "children's big breasts". The Japanese network is always on the limelight. The most amazing thing is that she is still a junior high school student.