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Ai Shinozaki - Ai Shinozaki, Japanese name: Shinozaki Ai, nickname: love sauce, little love. Known as: Japanese version of Yaoyao. Have a naive face with a innocent Lori face and a G cup. In addition to shooting photos, Ai Shinozaki also participates in some TV series and movies, and even enters the music scene. Ai Shinozaki first departed in 2006 and appeared in the photo album of the middle school student magazine "Chu→Bo". In March 2008, Ai Shinozaki made his debut with a single "M" dream singer. In 2011, he joined the four-person idol group "AeLL" and started a series of activities. In the same year, he also won the award of Baiquanshe's youth comic magazine "ヤングアニマル".

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