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Baby - Baby, formerly known as Guo Meiling, on June 20, 2011, Guo Meiling publicly showed off her luxury life on the Internet, and said that she was the commercial general manager of the Chinese Red Cross and caused an uproar on the Internet. On June 22, the Chinese Red Cross Society said that "Baby" has nothing to do with the Red Cross. Sina also apologized for the mistake of real-name certification. In 2008, he won the champion of the "KTV" Karaoke Competition in Shenzhen, the image of Beijing Baishiyuan, and starred in Huang Xiaoming, Chen Qiaoen, starring in the movie "The Waves of Youth", the women's dragon boat team, starred in the "Meeting of the Beautiful Communication" produced by the Communication University of China. "20 episodes of female drama No. 2 Qiu Yue, starred in the Central 8 Youth Idol column drama, starred in the drama "Teacher's Dormitory" by Mi Kang and Tudou. For the "Rose" and other magazines have done a flat model, Shenzhen fashion women's newspaper plane model. At the age of 20, I live in a big villa, and Hermès has more than a dozen packages. (On August 3, Baby admitted that only two Hermes limited edition bags are true, one is her mother, the other is from her father. .), open Maserati, eat osli m90, all kinds of show off the rich, a while ago also participated in the Shanghai Super Carnival.