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Anna Ishida - Anna Ishida (いしだあんな, Anna Ishida), a member of the women's idol group SKE48 New Team KII, was born in Aichi Prefecture, and the affiliated company is AKS. Member 4 of the SKE48 Idol Research Society. Enthusiastic about pranks, the bag is often equipped with funny props to scare other members. Member of the original track and field department. The performance slogan is "Can you also convey a little demonic gift today? (Members and audience) can do it!! I am nicknamed ANNA 14-year-old Anna Ishida." Although the nickname written on the official document is "ANNA", it is also called "ANNIY". So for a long time even the official called her "ANNIY". It has a wide variety of toys, and it seems to be worn on the body. It was praised by the theater as a "genius".