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Gina - Gina graduated from the Dance Academy of the Beijing Dance Academy with a major in ethnic dance and musical drama. She is known as the most beautiful school flower of the Beijing Dance Academy. As a new generation of actors in the 90s, in January 2011, a well-known brand of clothing online shopping Vanke Eslite (VANCL) filmed a group of costumes, Gina was praised by netizens like "Liu Tao", "Lin Zhiling." On the evening of July 3, 2011, Hunan Satellite TV's "Dancing Miracle" third season finals, Gina, Li Nuo's "Night Banquet" was quite beautiful, and ended in a scream of grief; after three rounds of competition, Gina and Li Nuo's combination won the championship with a total score of 58.80. In 2013, he played Yu Ji in the TV series "Chu Han Zheng Xiong".