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Natsumi Hirajima - Natsumi Hirajima, Japanese name: Hiratsuka, sea, ひらじまなつみ. Japanese idol singer, a former member of the super popular women's group AKB48, is affiliated with the production agency company Production. In October 2005, he participated in the 'Selection of the first phase of AKB48' and became one of the 20 candidates for the selection of members in December. He made his debut at the AKB48 Theater. In January 2012, due to the outflow of private photos with her boyfriend, we announced the withdrawal of all activities of AKB48. In October, starting from this day, the stage drama "GO, JET! GO! GO! ~ I LOVE YOU が えなくて ~" officially Come back to the art world. In April 2013, he enrolled in the fifth AKB48 selection general election. On June 8, AKB48 won the 62nd place in the 32nd singles selection, and was the only one to join the candidate.