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Yoyo - YoYo (YoYo), graduated from Donghai University, started his own business a year ago, and opened the juice stand as the proprietress. When the business is good, she can sell 500 cups a day, saying, "Someone is coming to buy juice with me, very shy to go back. Go to my album and leave a message saying: I have seen it today. Next time I want to challenge strawberry milk." Whether it is pineapple tomato juice or watermelon juice, each flavor is YOYO's own proportion. In fact, she is not only very business-minded, she is a good-looking figure, she also plays Showgirl on holiday, she is famous and has been on many shows. She used to learn dance for four years and is good at reggae. Although many fans support YOYO, she said she did not want to step into the entertainment industry. Now she enjoys the simple and happy life of selling juice, because it is enough to watch everyone drink her juice and smile.

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