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Emily - Emily (Emily), an actress from mainland China, graduated from the Performance Department of the Beijing Film Academy. In 2001, he played the Princess Pingyang in the TV series "The Great Man". In 2003, he was paid attention to in the Su Youpeng version of "Eternal Dragon Sword". In 2006, he was known to the audience for Xiao Qing in the TV series "White Snake" and Guo Fu in "The Condor Heroes". In 2009, he played Lu Wei in the TV series "Myth". In 2010, he played rouge in the TV series "Live Buddha Jigong". In 2013, he played the role of Bai Lanyu in the TV series "Happiness Everyday". In 2014, he played the red jade in the TV series "Gu Jian Qi Tan". In 2000, he joined Ren Xianqi and Yuan Yuyi in the costume martial arts drama "Swordsman", playing the blue phoenix.