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Cecilia - Cecilia (1983.1.11β€”), a famous actress and singer in mainland China. Born in Gusu District, Suzhou City, Jiangsu Province, he graduated from the 2001 Department of Performance of the Shanghai Theatre Academy. She was the female No. 1 in many TV dramas such as "Beiping Past Events", "Lost Love Life", "Underground", "No. 13 Tricks", "Entertainment Without Circle". Launched a number of excellent songs such as "Floating Snow", "Thinking", "Bamboo Forest Wind" and "Dreaming of Rhapsody". In 2008, with the song "An Wild Goose", won the "Top Ten Golden Melody Award" in the 15th edition of the Oriental Billboard; Taipei's small giant Cecilia attended the concert of the Chinese song list, and won the award for the style with the new album "They Said". He has also won many awards such as the "Year of the Year" award by the Sina Network Festival 2005, "Suzhou Pride - Top Ten News Figures of 2006". In 2012, with the hit of the TV series "Dear, Go Home" and "Fall in Love with You", it will be more deeply rooted in the hearts of the people.