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Chen Jia Jia - Chen Jiajia is the martial arts actress after Yang Ziqiong. She has won the national martial arts competition many times. She performed well in the movie "Seven Swords", and Gua Guluo played a deep impression on the audience. Chen Jiajia debuted in the image of a female, which has a close relationship with her major in college. The martial arts class was born with her skills. Chen Jiajia was originally a college student in the Wushu Department of Beijing Sport University. Because he liked martial arts and martial arts movies, he entered the "Seven Swords" crew as a stuntman. Director Xu Ke discovered this piece of jade and boldly used it before. She starred in Gua Glory in the 12th goalkeeper, and Chen Jiajia also rewarded the director's enlightenment with her excellent performance, so that everyone remembered this full-fledged girl.