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Mayuka Kuroda - Mayuka Kuroda (黒田万结花, くろだまゆか), Japan's new generation of popular racing girl, actor. At the age of 5, he began to learn from the baton Tuhua ring. During his student days, he was a member of the basketball department. In 2008, he won a special award in the photo photo draft hosted by the magazine "UP to boy" (wanibooks). Then I entered the current office and joined the "Breakfast Koshien" in 2010. In 2011, the SUPER GT "COROLLA Axio apr GT Racing Queen" event. In August of the same year, I joined the sexy ☆ ☆ full-sister combination of the "heart of the valley between the captains". In September 2011, the "2012" registration magazine FLASH was short-listed but not awarded. In September 2013, it became the Nikko 2013 (16th grade student).