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Konona - Chai Xiaosheng (しばこのな), Japanese model. According to Japanese media reports, the annual "Japan TV station GENIC" contest of the Japanese TV station has made many photo actresses a hit. The fifteenth student participated in the commemoration of the release of the "Idol Cave 2012" DVD-BOX in Tokyo on the 12th. Recalling the first stage of the event in June, the hosted Yuji Hiroshi said with a sigh: "This commemorates GENIC's children who are not red." The 24-year-old Konona swore, "This year's 15th grade student will be very eye-catching! Mr. You look at it!” The Japanese TV station GENIC, which was selected in the fifteenth year of the year, has more than the past candidates. After 45 people passed the strict and cruel screening, Chai Xiaosheng became one of the six beautiful swimsuits.