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Abe Miho - Abe Miho (あべみほ, Abe Miho), a famous Japanese racing girl, was born in Hokkaido. At the age of 19, he began to model in Hokkaido and appeared as an actor in a variety show. At the age of 23, I came to Tokyo to participate in the "Miss Universe Japan 2012" conference and won the grand prize at the Yokohama Conference. At the age of 25, he won the Best Foot Award in "Jun Ri テレジェニック 2013", and then participated in ASHFLASH2014, ミスFLASH2015 for two consecutive years, and won the highest award in ミスFLASH2015, becoming the oldest of the Guradoru drafts. One of the winners. Later, he was active in the racing world and was a very famous racing girl.