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Mari Komatsuzaki - Mari Komatsuzaki (Mari Komatsuzaki), born on September 3, 1988 in Tochigi, Japan, is a supermodel of the Japanese women's fashion magazine BLENDA. Because of its flamboyant devil figure and beautiful angel face, it is popular among people. In addition to being a graphic model, it also has its own special area on many websites, with more than 6 million hits per month. In 2009, Mari Komatsuzaki published a semi-nude photo in "FLASH" and "sabara" magazines. In 2010, Mari Komatsuzaki participated in the film "Flowers and Snakes 3". Kojima Nojima, who plays in the film, will be boldly exposed for the film, and she will also conduct a separate training for the newcomer cellist Jing, played by Xiaomi Minako, and develop into a lace bed scene.