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Chiaki Takahashi - Chiaki Takahashi (たかはし智秋, たかはしちあき), whose real name is Takahashi Chiaki, is a Japanese seiyuu, singer and photo model. He was born in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture and was praised as one of the four masters of the seiyuu world. Because I was influenced by my mother, I liked Western music and Madonna, and I started to imitate the sexy look from the age of three. She likes PARTY very much. She also participates in various gatherings and club activities when she is a seiyuu amateur. Therefore, there are many friends outside the seiyuu industry. Because Chiaki Takahashi's outstanding appearance and body proportion, since the beginning of the sexy route in 2008, the sales of its photo album is also very good, currently Chiaki Takahashi is mainly engaged in seiyuu, animation and gaming business, dubbing, TV CM and documentary narration, etc. There are a wide range of activities.