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Yukie Kawamura - Yukie Kawamura, Japanese name: Kawamura, alias: Kawamura Yukie. At the age of 17, he began performing arts activities and was awarded the Japan High School Flower Awards. Since then, he has entered the field of photo idols such as magazines, photo albums, and DVDs. In 2005, he refused to improperly request confrontation with the parent company and forcibly transferred to other clubs. The performing arts event was terminated for one year. At the beginning of the resumption of the resurrection, he appeared in the garden, directed the movie "After the Hot Air Balloon Club" actress, NHK morning TV novel "The Marriage of the Hotel", TV TOKYO sports program "Awesome! GT" host and animated film "Secret Association Eagle Claw 3" protagonist dubbing and other fields of work, and participate in social activities and public welfare activities, gradually transformed by the youth idol entertainer.

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