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Aki Hoshino - Aki Hoshino (ほしのあき), a Japanese photo model after 70, the oldest swimsuit beauty, once ranked first in the 2006 celebrity keyword search list, the 44th photo gold arrow award winner, Japan's most popular swimsuit woman Star, the host of the horse racing program, is a frequent visitor to the men and women picket team, the host of the horse racing program and so on. However, Aki’s today is definitely not easy. When she was in high school, she worked as a model for the girl fashion magazine. She thought that she could become a model of CanCam after graduation, but she was forced to give up her dream because she was not tall enough. Later, when she had already 25, an old friend happened to be a manager, so she was invited to go to another office and move to the photo world. She regards this as her last chance, so she strives to improve her body, drinking milk and protein powder every day, gaining 10 kilograms in three months, and the chest is upgraded, full of abundance, and finally successfully entered the photo world. Because she is blessed with a child's face, even if she is not old, she can still become the oldest swimmer actress.

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