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Rola - Rola (ローラ, Rola), a Japanese mixed-race model, singer and actor, is part of LIBERA. Rola was born in Tokyo, Japan. His father is a Bangladeshi, and his mother has a quarter of Russian descent and three-quarters of Japanese descent. Rola started her modeling career when she went to Tokyo Shibuya during high school and started her modeling career. She also debuted in Pop in May 2007. She participated in the makeup unit many times and appeared frequently in the clothing unit because of the uniform slender figure. . During this period, although Rola was not popular, he never participated in the big plan, so he was not red. In the August 2008 magazine "Popteen" banquet "あげるPopteen Festival" sang a hand-written song to show his talent in the singer, and in 2008 appeared "ViVi" and became its exclusive model, successfully promoted the supermodel The ranks, while ViVi makes Rola shine, and the popularity is rising.