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Rea Wang - Rea WangRea, China's mainland plane model, actor, 2012 yacht model contest Beijing player, won the supermodel competition in 2013. In January 2013, due to the news that the film was taken by Japanese male and female dramas, it became popular in the network in just 2 days. With the news reports, Rea Wang’s photo, video and personal information were also dug by netizens. Out and broke the news in major forums. According to the source, Rea Wang is in contact with a lawyer and will protect his rights through legal channels. Judging from the mood expressed on Rea Wang Weibo, she has fallen into an emotional breakdown. Rea Wang recalls that his original intention was not to film, but the middleman deliberately stealing the concept when he approached, using devious means to deceive, and then led to being deceived.