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Ono Mayumi - Ono Mayumi, English name: Mayumi Ono. Graduated from the Department of Short-Term University of the Women's University of Ten Characters School, affiliated with Sun Music Brain. In 1998, the newcomers who participated in the Sun Music Group auditioned and qualified. After learning the course of the Sun Music Think Tank, they began to perform performing arts activities. Beginning in 2002, consumer finance? Acom's CM bright and refreshing female staff role became a topic, and national popularity gained. In 2006, she was the mascot girl of the baseball club team "Chiba's blood making". In September 2006, he became a goodwill ambassador for Papua New Guinea. In 2010, the 65th National Sports Conference "Dream Peninsula Chiba National Body" was opened after the opening ceremony of the program and the host of the program, the opening ceremony of the opening ceremony.