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BoA - BoA (BoA), a Korean singer-songwriter, is affiliated to Korea SM Entertainment Co., Ltd. In 2000, the first album "ID Peaceb" was released. In 2001, the single "Amazing Kiss" was released. In 2002, the second album "NO.1" was released in Korea. In 2003, Japan released its second album "VALENTI". In 2004, he released Japan's twelfth single "BeTheOne" and won the 11th Korea Republic Performing Arts Awards Ceremony to win the New Generation Singer Award and the Korean Wave Hot Award. In 2005, the first Japanese-language selection "BEST OF SOUL" won the first place in the United World Chart. In 2006, the 19th single "Everlasting" was released and won the 48th TNS Japan Record Award. On January 17, 2007, the fifth volume of Japanese magazine "MADE IN TWENTY" was released. Five regular albums ranked first in the public credit list. In 2008, he entered the American music scene. On March 18, 2009, the title album "BoA" was released in the United States. On December 19th, the Japanese single "まもりたい~White Wishes~" was released. On February 10, 2010, the seventh Japanese original album "IDENTITY" was released, and won the 12th "Ment Asian Music Award" Best Female Singer Award.