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Kaori Manabe - Kaori Manabe, Japanese name: 眞 かをり, alias: real pot woven. After graduating from the Ehime Prefectural Seijo High School, he entered the Yokohama National University Education Humanities Science Department. Shibuya, who entered the university for the first time before entering the university, was invited to the show business by scouts. In 1999, he appeared in the magazine "ホットドッグ?プレス", and later starred in the movie "TERRORS Dark Night? DARKNESS?". After graduating in 2003, he began to write autobiography. In 2005, he published 20w books. In 2007, she became the female anchor of the news station, and then canceled the contract with the economic company. After opening her personal blog in 2010, Kaori Manabe became a topic again.