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Patty - Patty is Cai Lungfeng's youngest daughter. Before she married, the media referred to her as "Red Bean Princess". Now the media refers to her as "Little Lady", and her husband's name is "Little Sweetheart". Patty has been spending a lot of time abroad, and she has been communicating in English with Lian Shengwen at home. Because Patty is a family member, she is deeply loved by her parents. She also likes to spoil her father and her brother. Although she is growing abroad, her character is not so unrestrained. She looks sweet and has a little shyness, such as a girl next door. The same; Patty is very considerate and understanding, especially when she loves to cook, and the cooking is so good that there is nothing to say, her mother-in-law even praised her pasta is not delicious. McGill University, Canada, Patty, Brown University, Brown University, Ph.D. candidate, father Cai Caifeng, mother Chen Juanjuan, operating red bean restaurant, sister