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Elaine - Elaine (Elaine), formerly known as Yao Huiling, Hong Kong tvb actor. In 2002, he won the host competition and joined TVB. In 2003, the first filming series appeared in the idol drama "When the four-leaf clover hit the tip of the sword" in the blue snow, and then in 2006, "Iron Blood Bodyguard" was the first actress to decorate Li Xiangfeng, in 2010 The Wan Qian Xinghui Awards Ceremony was shortlisted as the last five of the “Leaping Progressive Female Artists”. In 2011, "My Ruyi Wolf" played the rich family Qiang Gao Erqiao is a turning point since her filming. In 2014, Elaine starred in the TV series "Single Love Twin Cities" with a maximum rating of 35 points.