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Asami Tada - Asami Tada (Tada, ただあさみ), Japanese actor and model. When junior high school students were discovered by scouts, they began to perform arts. At that time, a certain business recruited people. As the sister was also engaged in performing arts-related work, Asami Tada more or less heard about the experience of the firm and wrote it down with her heart, which led her to pass the interview. Because of her height, size and appearance, she was persuaded by the firm to enter the art world. Debut in April 2008, participated in the variety show "モバタレGREAT", and published the photo DVD "NEW KISS", its sales broke 8,000, and the popularity value rose. Asami was infected for a period of time from December 2010 due to the infection of the Norwalk virus, and then recovered and returned.