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Eva - Eva (Eva), nicknamed Cheng Dafa, a new generation of actresses in the post-95s in mainland China. Now signing Beijing Fenghuatang Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd. Eva's first screen debut is with Yang Yang's "Wars Don't Believe in Tears". The two staged a youthful romance in the period of the Anti-Japanese War. Although it was the first work, the slightly deductive way of letting the audience remember this lovely girl. Afterwards, it was a continuous film. Although it was a younger generation of 95-year-old actors, it was very popular among people. They threw out olive branches and starred in Yu Zheng’s "Clouds in the Clouds", "The Palace Locks" and Chai Zhiping's "Wonderful Spring" recently not only promoted the new movie "The Lions Decisive Battle" in Singapore, but also received several advertisements for hot products, which is expected to become the fastest rising flower in 2014.