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Sana Mamorua - Guardian (まもるあさな), the old stage name is "Sana Mamorua", a popular Japanese mixed-race model, and the 2011 Japanese popular football baby. Half of the pedigrees are of Cambodian descent, plus a tall figure, and the bust is super-full. When they debut, they receive a lot of favors. Afterwards, they appear frequently in various monthly magazines. They have become "the strongest の big breasts in history" and used to be Japan. The top 3 of the goddess in the heart of the otaku. After the transfer office in April 2009, “Sana Mamorua” was renamed the current “Guardian”. In 2011, she served as the Asian Football Team of the Asian Cup. She attended the various occasions and shouted for the Japanese team. It was also known to the otaku in Asian countries.