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sevenbaby - Sevenbaby, alias sevenbaby, a well-known domestic model, Cosplayer, the head of the domestic idol agency Polo, graduated from the Sichuan Conservatory of Music. Liu Yan began to contact Cosplay from the third day. At that time, Liu Wei COS had many classic works and characters, and he was well received by the people around him. By chance, she was exposed to the model industry, and she was out of control. The work has been madly transmitted by many netizens on the Internet. Since then, the name of "90 After Childhood Big Breasts" has become her new title. In 2012, she stood out from the competition among many competitors and became the beauty captain of the next generation of the Taoyuan Association. Later, she became the first real-life female military commander in the expansion package of the "Three Kingdoms to Kill One Will Become Famous 2012".

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