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Mio Uema - Mio Uema, Japanese name: Shangmei, the old stage name: the upper scorpion. Japanese actress, fashion model, Mio Uema, a sophomore in 2010, participated in the "Japan Bikini Girl Hot Girl 2009" held in the magazine "YOUNG JUMP" and won the award, and took this opportunity to drop out of school and enter the present in Tokyo. The firm debuted with the name "Mio Uema". In 2011, he first appeared in the film "University Debut", and later appeared on the TV series, and the stage drama continued to be active until now. In 2011, the “ノンノ model 2011 audition” sponsored by the fashion magazine “non-no” won the special award for examiners and became the exclusive model of “non-no” for 2 years.