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Risa Narita - Risa Narita, Japanese name: Narita pear yarn. Japanese popular singer, actor and photo actress, former member of the Japanese super woman idol group AKB48. On October 30, 2005, he participated in the AKB48 sea election for the first time and became one of the first seven beautiful gods. After his body was born in November 2008, he announced a solo flight with Zhongxi Licai, Hudaohua, Shibuya Renmei and Oekawa Asami. Since then, she has been engaged in photo and film shooting. Due to the excellent shape of the 91F, her photo DVD has been selling well. In February 2012, she and the former av actress Mori went down to play the role of "Nude".て 』, in the play, do not hesitate to appear naked.

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