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Kazumi - Kazumi (Noto Yami), a Taiwanese Japanese photo idol, at the age of 12, she contacted Cosplay in the name of "Noson, One Beauty." In 2005, in the nameless station, the "fierce sister-in-law" was bursting red, and then became a model of the racquet and a model outside. He officially debuted in Taiwan and boarded famous magazines such as "Cool Girl", "FHM" and "Desire Desire". Later he exchanged his studies in Japan and received the right to speak for "The Queen's Blade". He successfully entered the Japanese development and perfected his body. It is full of charm and temptation, especially when it is written, the proud G-milk breast will be looming with the body's dancing, and it will instantly attract people's attention, so it is no wonder that she is very popular in Taiwan or Japan.