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Lena - Lena (Lena), a Chinese mainland singer and actor, is currently developing in Taiwan. Her 34D is a good figure, and her poor appearance makes the netizens madly read it. In 3 days, she broke the 30,000 hit rate and was promoted as the new goddess. . In 2011, for the first time, video games were used to mark the Taiwan market. I did not expect to gain attention when I attacked. In her advertisement, Lena plays a long, sweet and sleek, sexy woman. The tight-fitting chivalrous style gives her a good 34D figure. Lena, who has been recording, is well versed in singing and dancing, and she is the apprentice of Ye Wen’s son, Ye Zhun, who won the Hong Kong International Martial Arts Competition. However, she did not go to the martial arts industry, but instead entered the entertainment industry. She has shot more than 20 advertisements so far, which is called advertising in China. This time, she used the video game advertisement to rush to the Taiwan market. In addition to sparking heated discussion among the major discussion users, she also made the advertising rate of the advertisements record-breaking. It can be said that the hearts of all the Taiwanese otaku were deeply captured.