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Anzai Yuika - Anzai Yuika (あんざいゆか), a Japanese model, Anzai Yuika, who has participated in the well-known three-in-one swimwear selection, Anzai Yuika, in the 2011 SUPERGT racing queen event, let the bright racing girl dress shine Surprisingly, it can be seen that she is quite suitable for the car model image, and the first photo DVD was released on August 11, 2012, not to mention the chest of the G cup covered with only a towel. Anzai Yuika likes to wear a silver bikini in her personal photo, which is quite sexy. The conversation is very pungent and attaches great importance to the maintenance of the G cup. She also said that there is a mole in her lower breast. This is the only way to see this little secret when wearing this limit to Gini.