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Candy - Candy, a mainland model, actor, and singer from Lanzhou, Gansu. In 2012, he participated in the costume static movie "New Jin Ping Mei" draft and got the attention of netizens. In July 2013, he participated in the “2013 Southern Super Car Model Contest” finals as a judge and sang the songs “Fire” and “Itch”. In 2013, the popular song "Looking for Ximen Qing" was launched. In 2014, he starred in the family movie "The Wish of the Mother" directed by Li Qingxin. In 2015, he served as the judge of the “55th Miss International Fujian Finals and Awards Evening”. In 2016, he appeared in the love movie "Bad Constellation". In 2017, the song "Qing Hu Mei" was released, and he appeared in the suspense action movie "Half Fairy School Flower".