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BeXYNuenG - BeXYNuenG, a fashion model and an actor in mainland China. Since the debut, with the angel's face, sexy voluptuous body and modest work attitude to successfully enter the film and television circle, is the "female friend" "fashion" "ELLE" and other fashion magazine models. And it has become the darling of the media to compete for reports and business invitations. It is reported that BeXYNuenG has received great attention in many hot-selling film and television dramas. In 2013, it was the star of many TV dramas. This time, it is also to meet the needs of the publicity and fans. The photo album is expected to be viewed from overseas and other countries, with the intention of showing the diversity and stylization of different countries. This photo album has been prepared and designed in three months. Each style and style is tailored for BeXYNuenG. It incorporates many European and American elements, and the shooting effect is more luxurious and beautiful.