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AMY - AmyAmy, a model from Taiwan, is a long-legged model with a nine-headed body. The heart is often used to run the exhibition as a SG, so if the friends in front of the screen are also running the exhibition. In fact, it should be no stranger to the heart. Although there are many models working as models on weekdays, in fact, the heart has been targeting professional pool players. Although she did not do so in the end, she also served in the women’s competition. The sister of the brand, "I feel quite fate, but I am also in it." In addition to the professional SG, my heart is very thoughtful about the future work plan: "I will enrich myself at this stage, I hope I can have it in the future. Different performances, such as drama or image endorsements, etc.; When one day we see the heart as a performance in the drama, it will definitely make more people aware of her.